Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My JustFabulous Night Out!

SO, JustFabulous had a sweet contest and I entered and WON! A fabulous red carpet event where we would get a meet and greet with their new president, Kimora Lee Simmons! A night out with NO kids featuring fabulous people and shoes?? Amazing! I was beyond excited just thinking about it!

I wore my black Kardashian for Bebe dress, jewelry from Send The Trend (Dalia earrings, Halle & Julia bracelets) and my JustFabulous Parker peep toes.

I arrived to the hotel right on time to get checked in. I met two of the JustFabulous Ladies, Shannon (who I feel like I've known forever through our virtual communications) and Jill. They were very sweet and welcoming.
When it was time to enter, we all went in together and took pics at the step and repeat. I felt like a star! I've never taken pics in front of one of those. I really liked the feeling though. I need to get a job working in the fashion industry so it can be a regular thing! I often bring up that I would love to work for companies like JustFabulous but I think they think I'm kidding! I'm so serious! I could handle their social media overflow, work on blogging for them, etc! And it's FUN for me! Anyway, lol we got our speciality cocktails (Champagne or the Kimora Mango Martini, it had champagne, mango and other stuff lol) and we mingled, looked for celebs and took pics of each other. Then we saw Kimora on the step and repeat and we waited for her for a while. As I was standing there in awe, Bobby Trendy walked by, stopped in front of me and said, “You look like a Barbie, you belong on a lapel.” I was dumbfounded, to me that was an awesome compliment! I said, “Thanks, so do you!!” Then he stomped off like he was on a runway! I thought that was a great compliment because I was going for that Barbie look, hehe

The other winners were also really sweet girls. My friend and guest Dayna and I became friends with Katrina and her guest Autumn.

We had another cocktail, danced, ate, took pics and then when it was time to take pics w/Kimora we waited for her and she was like ,“Wheres my winners, I want them right next to me!” we took pics and I was right next to her w/my arm around that tiny waist. She was like “Okay now, you over there, you over there, I’m running this!” we started laughing, I said, “We know you’re running this Kimora!” Then we we were done she said, “And tell all your friends be sure they skip by the 4th of the month so they won’t get charged and be blamin me. Is it the 4th of the month they have to do it by?” I said, “No, they have to do it by the 5th.” she said “Ok tell them skip by the 5th of the month.” Lol too funny because she's right. I can see the girls now posting, "Kimora took my money and I didn't do anything!" It's so funny how they act like she actually admins the page and she's the one "taking" their money.

Then it was pretty much over, it ended at around 10:30 and people moved on to other events. We went to the bar for a bit and when we went back to our room, they had left us cookies and water bottles! Such a sweet hotel! A perfect event, a perfect evening out on the town. Thank you JustFab and KLS for giving us this amazing opportunity!! xo Joyce



  1. Sounds like you girl had a lot of fun, isn't it?Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  2. te sigo !!!!!!!!!! me sigues ¿?¿?¿
    me ha encantado tu blog =)
    besitos te espero en el mio ^^

  3. Your blog is just so cool! LOVE.